Regulatory Law

In addition to our Proposition 65 regulatory group, our transportation and automotive regulatory practice effectively and efficiently helps clients secure necessary licenses and certification, comply with a myriad of legal and regulatory requirements unique to their businesses, and satisfy the requirements of  the major cross-industry compliance regimes of privacy/cyber and credit and finance. Scali Rasmussen's expertise with the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, US Trade Representative, International Trade Commission, NHTSA, and the various state motor vehicle boards and agencies elevates the support we can give our clients . With our help, our clients are able to navigate the many regulations and compliance initiatives of business. We are experts in distribution networks, franchise development, consumer regulations, and advertising.  


Transportation and Automotive Licensing and Certification

Advising automotive industry companies on their regulatory and licensing obligations. SR’s regulatory and licensing practice advises clients on all aspects of laws and regulations applicable to automotive dealers, brokers, electric vehicle manufactures, and other emerging and established automotive companies, including Internet/mobile app based platforms. 


Automotive Dealership Regulatory Compliance. 

The SR team advises on a full range of F&I and Sales matters for dealerships. This includes, but is not limited to, advising on: best practices for California dealers; compliance with applicable state and federal law for vehicle sales and financing such as the California’s Automobile Sales Financing Act, the Vehicle Leasing Act, the Truth In Lending Act and implementing federal regulations, CARB, TILA and the implementing federal regulations; training of legal, compliance and sales/F&I personnel; development and implementation of internal policies; and tailored auditing services. 


Auto Dealership, Motorcycle, RV and Bus dealer regulatory compliance: DMV, BAR, CARB

We help clients navigate individual state and federal roadmaps on complex licensing, franchising and advertising matters. Clients come to us for business solutions as technology outpaces existing legal frameworks. We not only provide the legal landscape but we work together with our clients to provide pragmatic solutions.  The SR regulatory and licensing team also routinely assists clients with obtaining necessary regulatory approvals, and performs regulatory due diligence reviews and operational risk reviews at whatever level of detail the client requires, up to and including multistate solutions at the municipality, state and federal levels. Melanie Cliff has represented automotive industry clients on a variety of federal and state regulatory matters, class action and consumer litigation, and transactional matters. Our partners include certified Dealership Compliance Officer Professionals (DCOP) and certified Corporate Compliance and Ethics professionals, and are uniquely qualified to handle regulatory compliance issues.



We provide counsel to implement our clients’ sales and distribution strategies.  We work with advertising agencies and news media advertising departments to ensure legally compliant advertising.  



The SR regulatory group provides up to the minute counsel and regulatory solutions for compliance with privacy and cybersecurity requirements and best practices. Our team recognizes the multilayered nature of regulations in this area and can find the right solution based on the unique circumstances of each client. Monica Baumann is our in-house Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP). As a litigator and adviser with extensive experience in the automotive industry, Mrs. Bauman is one of a few people who can boast expertise in privacy law affecting auto dealerships and automotive companies. 



Often times laws lag behind the forefront of technological advances. Our counsel provides a clear map to the patchwork of legislation that comes with backdated regulation.


State Government Relations

Our connections to various government agencies and advocacy brings a unique perspective to our clients' needs. We assist clients with research, analysis, advocacy and issue management dealing with various governmental issues.


Credit and Finance

The SR regulatory group understands that credit and finance is usually the lifeblood of any business,  especially in automotive retailing. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in  providing effective solutions for compliance in retail / consumer finance as well as necessary guidance and counsel with regard to credit and finance compliance and transactional matters more broadly. 

Melanie Cliff is the Chair of the Regulatory and Licensing Practice at Scali Rasmussen. 

Our clients include:
Automotive dealerships
Automotive Industry Partners and Vendors
Industry Vendors and Partners
Advertising Companies
Electric Vehicle Manufacturers
Internet/Mobile based companies
Vehicle Aftermarket Manufacturers
Venture capital and private equity advisors