Municipal law

Cities and counties do more to touch people’s daily lives than any other level of government. Budget pressures, financial and logistical challenges, and fraught political environments can sometimes result in costly mistakes and exposure to litigation. Scali Rasmussen attorneys help mitigate those risks and protect municipal clients.

We advise local authorities on how to avoid pitfalls. Should litigation be the only course of action, we represent county and local governments and administrative agencies through every stage, efficiently and effectively.

Our experience includes handling politically charged issues that arise as well as understanding the difference between our role as lawyers and yours as a policy maker. We advise a range of cities and counties with proactive counsel and litigation representation in such in core areas as:

In a California Court of Appeal case of first impression, our attorneys successfully argued that municipal bans on mobile billboards can be legitimate restrictions on speech, a principal that has been subsequently adopted nationwide

  • Brown Act
  • California Public Records Act
  • Rent stabilization
  • First Amendment defense
  • Scope of municipal authority in charter and general law cities
  • Code compliance
  • Administrative law and hearings
  • Conflicts of interest

In all our counsel to municipal entities, we respect the public mandate for high ethical standards, accuracy and transparency. Our attorneys have played an instrumental role in the development of state legislation affecting local government. We have drafted numerous local charter provisions, ordinances and regulations, and offer in-depth experience in California’s rent control laws.